Wheelie Bins

The most common type of waste collection container is the Wheelie Bin due to its mobility and availability in a variety of different sizes.

Wheelie Bins are suitable for the storage of most waste types from office waste, paper, plastics, cans and bottles, most types of glass, fabrics, general waste etc.

With customers ranging from large corporate office buildings and high street chains to small convenience stores and restaurants, we consider ourselves London’s premier waste service when it comes to Wheelie Bin collections.

Due to the size of the extensive collection operation that we run through London and the surrounding areas, we can guarantee our customers a punctual and reliable service.

The table below is for guidance purposes only. Wheelie bin sizes may differ depending on the manufacturer. The capacity remains the same.

Capacity Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Bin Bag Capacity
240 Litre 107 58 74 5
240 Litre 96 50 54 3
660 Litre 123 136 77 12
1100 Litre 146 136 107 20



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