What We Recycle

Our main goal at CD Waste Management Ltd is to recycle Waste products so they can be used again. Whether it is collecting Glass or Metals, which will be cleaned and melted down to be used again in making other products, to converting general rubbish into a source that can be turned into energy – We strive for 95% Landfill avoidance.

If you are unsure of the service you require, we can offer you a free site visit from one of our Business Team, who will put you together a step-by-step guide for you to achieve a cost effective recycling operation.

With this in mind, the following list details what we can help you with –


Consisting of every day Non-Recyclable rubbish from households or businesses like Sandwich Wrappers, certain types of plastics and polythene, Drink Cartons, Kitchen Scraps, Polystyrene, padded envelopes etc. We turn this type of waste into energy via our RDF plant – please see our recycling methods for more details


This is waste that is free from contaminants like food, construction or garden waste. Leaving clean materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, drinks cans and glass bottles to be sorted and recycled.


If a percentage of your waste is cardboard or paper, then you should consider having it recycled separately from your General Waste as you could save a considerable amount of money. We can supply you with a Wheelie Bin, a Skip container or a Baler – depending on the volume of Card/Paper waste you are producing.


From windows to bottles, we recycle all types of Glass. This type of recycling has been well known since the early 80’s when soda and milk bottles were the catalyst and has effectively saved millions of tonnes of various glass products from going into landfills every year. Unlike other waste streams such as paper and cardboard, Glass products can now be made using up to 100% of recycled material.


CD Waste Management Ltd has been recycling plastics since 1999. Drinks bottles, containers, crates, pallets and furniture are easily collected, then disposed and recycled at one of our approved sites. We can supply you with a Wheelie Bin, a Skip container or Compactor – depending on the volume of plastic waste you are producing.


We provide a number of National Food Retailers and London based Restaurants with a clean and efficient food waste collection operation. The main ways of recycling food are to break it down with treatments to make organic Compost or to use the food waste to create gas and electricity through Anaerobic Digestion. We also count Garden Centres and Florists amongst our customers.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is a scheme that was introduced by the Government in February of 2003 to ensure that televisions, computers, games consoles, mobile phones, microwaves, fridges and any item that used electricity to power it, was broken down and it’s parts recycled accordingly. Since 2003, it is estimated that over 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by companies and households throughout the UK.


We can supply you with secure bags or containers for storing your confidential waste which may include paper documents, computer hard drives or discs. All our Confidential collections staff are CRB vetted and the vehicles are GPS tracked, fully alarmed and fitted with immobilisors. We also offer an on site service.


Skips and various other containers can be provided to you for disposal of your plasterboard, hard core and other types of building and construction waste.


From Wood,Acetone, Paint and Glue to Metals, Carpets and Oil – We can help you dispose of everything. Call one of our team who will give you the most cost effective recycling option.