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On site waste processing machines can save a business considerable amounts of money whilst reducing possible fire risks and increase Health & Safety standards in the work place. By compacting waste, it also takes up less space and is easier to store.

Many of our customers insist that since having machinery installed on their premises they have a clean and tidier waste area and their business has gained financially due to cost saving.

Due to the high demand in recycling equipment, CD Waste Management Ltd launched a sister company CD Rentals Ltd to specialise in helping our customers with their machinery needs.

CD Rentals Ltd, stock and supply an extensive range of waste management machinery. If your company creates a high waste output and storage space is limited, then Balers or Compactors could be the solution you seek.


Ideal for customers who produce dry packaging such a cardboard, paper and plastics.

Balers come in two types-


Single-Chamber Balers – For baling one type of waste stream such as polythene OR cardboard

Multi-Chamber Baler – A machine with multiple units for processing two or more waste streams i.e – paper AND plastics

Mill Size Baler – Are ideal for a business that produces large quantities of a single waste stream.


A horizontal set up increases the size of the machinery which in turn raises the amount of a material that can be processed at any given time. This type of machinery is capable of producing bales of materials such as plastics and paper weighing over 500kg.

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If your company produces increased volumes of any waste from food, garden, Wood, cardboard etc, then a Compactor could well be your way to saving on your waste disposal costs.

Compactors come in two types – Static and Portable

Portable Waste Compactors

These compactors are one of our most popular machines. Clean, 100% air and water tight, with a fantastic size-to-waste conversion these machines are ideal for a business that produce Food waste, Garden and plant recycling (except wood) and also dry waste such as cardboard and plastics.

Because they are airtight, it reduces the amount of odours some waste types such as food produce, especially in hot weather. Some of our customers utilising this type of machine are Bakers, supermarkets, prisons and hotels.

Waste types are placed into the machine and compacted down to a ratio of roughly 7:1. These machines drastically reduce the risk of pest infestation and damage via the elements, thus increasing cleanliness and hygiene.

Static Waste Compactors

Static Compactors are a stationary machine that compresses waste into a separate portable container. They can cope with large volumes of bulky rubbish from General Waste to Paper and can really save you lots of money.

We have found these machines to be popular with National food retailer depots where lots of packaging is disgarded, businesses producing wood waste such as pallets etc, polythene, plastics , cardboard and glass

Once a container is full, one of our fleet of vehicles will visit your site with an empty container and exchange it with the full one.

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We also offer our customers more equipment specific machines such Glass Crushers, Roll Packers and Bin Presses .

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