Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

CD Waste Management Ltd also utilise a MRF for processing our Dry Mixed Recycling collections. This unique machinery acts as an automated production plant using advanced technologies such as trommels, ballistic separators and optical sort machinery our facilities can accept a complete range of mixed recyclable material (all grades of paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium cans, glass etc.) from one receptacle e.g. Wheelie Bin.

An example of the advantage of this system is that the average Dry Mixed Recycling bin can be emptied onto the machine and the different types of waste will be separated into categories such as glass, plastics, paper etc.

While many recycling services require you to segregate waste into different bins, our innovative solution allows you to put all your Dry Mixed Recyclable waste into one container. Provided it is not contaminated by other waste, especially food, it can be converted into reusable commodities at our own Recycling Facility.

The Dry Mixed Recycling bin is often used alongside a General Waste bin that may be used for “Residual Waste” containing food contaminated waste. By using DMR bins, our customers save money as we offer cheaper rates for collecting these containers.

All separated waste streams are then taken to approved sites that specialise in a specific stream of recycling such as glass or plastics, where they are processed and then sold to manufacturers that use the material in their products.

We offer a wide variety of recycling containers to suit your business and save you space. Our experienced consultants will carry out an inspection of your waste to identify the opportunities to increase the amount of waste you recycle whilst potentially saving you money in the process.