On December 16th, CD Waste Management Ltd received a site visit from Mr Ian Payne, Bexleyheath Town Centre Manager .

Since his appointment, Mr Payne had appointed CD Waste Management Ltd the preferred Waste Provider for Bexleyheath Business Improvement District,  to clean up the area and provide a quality and reliable service for the shops.

With a keen interest in recycling methods and a curiosity of viewing the waste collection process from cradle-to-grave, Mr Payne decided to see for himself how CD Waste Management Ltd operates one of the largest independent waste processing stations in London.

Mr Payne was shown round by our Site Manager Mark Gwyther, who was keen to explain how once our refuse collection vehicles arrive back to the depot after their collection rounds and how our facilities started separating and processing the waste materials.

Starting from the separation stage where paper, metals, plastics, glass etc. and each grouped into separate areas to utilise efficiency and profitability – Mr Payne learned about how we cultivate each waste stream before selling it on to other specialist companies who will use various methods to make the materials reusable once more such as glass, plastic products of all sorts such as bottles and reclaimed wood that is compacted and processed into reusable material like MDF and chipboard.

With over 9 tonnes of used mattresses stripped down and processed each week along with hundreds of tonnes of cardboard and processed RDF (see our recycling methods section), Mr Payne was suitably impressed with the actual scale of the operation that CD Waste Management Ltd operates.

Following up the site visit with a meeting with our Business Team, Mr Payne left assured that the recycling project that he had entrusted to CD Waste Management Ltd was ahead of schedule and the best interest of the shops on Bexleyheath Broadway was paramount in our plans for the longevity of a successful business relationship.