Orpington 1st

In February of 2014, CD Waste Management Ltd, were officially confirmed as the preferred supplier of all waste management services as part of Orpington 1st Official Waste Contractor and Service Provider. The Orpington 1st Scheme was designed to offer all the local shops on the high street a partially subsidised recycling service wherein the more businesses that signed up to the scheme would in effect lower overall cost in stages.

With CD Waste Management Ltd partnering Orpington 1st all shops in and around the high street have been offered the opportunity to use Orpington 1st preferred waste supplier to save on their costs.

Our Sales Manager, Charlie Hamilton, is so far pleased with the results “With nearly a 50% uptake on The Orpington 1st initial offer we are well ahead of schedule and hope to be able to reduce recycling costs even further in the coming months.”

Alongside Orpington 1st and several of the shops on the High Street, we held a promotional day to raise awareness of the different recycling options that were now available to the Orpington Businesses and educate people on how we as a company are proud to be able to recycle everyday rubbish and turn it into an energy source rather than send it to landfill like a majority of our competitors.

For more information on Orpington 1st or to find out how your business can benefit from using CD Waste Management Ltd, please call Charlie Hamilton on 07824 569 009 or email CharlieH@cdwaste.co.uk.