The Bexleyheath Bid

Since heading up the Bexleyheath Bid, Mr Ian Payne, Bexleyheath Town Centre Manager, has aided in the redevelopment and regeneration of the area thus increasing the revenue of the businesses along the high street while promoting the shopping area through various media outlets.

In June of 2014, CD Waste Management Ltd entered a partnership with The Bexleyheath Bid with the aim of offering all businesses along the high street a subsidised and cost effective solution for the removal of commercial waste from their premises.

The CD Waste Management Business Team set about putting together a detailed improvement plan with The Bexleyheath Bid manager Ian Payne, who was quite specific about how he wanted the Broadway to be a leading example for other boroughs to follow suit.

Bexleyheath Shopping Centre had a problem with rubbish and waste items being illegally dumped in the alleyways behind the shops, which resulted in many businesses having problems taking receipt of deliveries and affected customer parking. Our response has been to charter regular waste collection vehicles to keep the unsightly build-up of rubbish to a minimum and also to eliminate any possible rodent problems.

With The Bexleyheath Bid offering all participating shops a heavily discounted waste management collection service through CD Waste Management Ltd, the scheme is steadily maturing and evolving into a highly efficient and cost saving practice for all shops concerned.

Many of the shops were paying over the odds for their bins to be collected through other waste management companies but since signing up to CD Waste Management Ltd have saved money while receiving a punctual service with no long term contracts and a personal Account Manager.

Since implementing the scheme the following changes have successfully taken effect –


For more information on The Bexleyheath Bid or to find out how your business can benefit from using CD Waste Management Ltd, please call Antony Smith on 07824 569 008 / 0208 469 4858 or email